The Fashion of Eleanor Calder

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A blog dedicated to the wonderful fashion and style of Eleanor Calder.
Feel free to ask questions and request outfits! X

shipping Larry doesn’t make someone a shitty person so have a cup of cement and get over it


Eleanor’s actually gone to a ‘barn dance’ or ‘Western’ themed party before and she wore denim shorts, denim shirt and a pair of black boots with her wavy, natural hair & a cowboy hat! So you could wear something that like or even short denim dungarees :) X

I just don’t get why people would hate someone because of what they ship

Like if you respect me then I’m gonna give you respect back

If you ship a rock and a potato, then good for you

I ain’t gonna hate you for that shit


Can’t make a set sorry but here are some ideas xx

1. With a printed tee, converse & a light weight denim jacket
2. Collar blouse, sweater, black leggings & oxfords